Furniture repair in Lexington

We know that it’s cheap and easy to buy new furniture in this time and age. But will you be assured the comfort and durability of this new piece? Antique furniture is often made better than modern furniture, meaning that it lasts longer and will save you money in the long run. Reupholstering also means that you can keep the furniture that you’ve grown to like, but refresh it with new fabric, springs and padding.

When to reupholster

1.The piece of furniture was expensive when you purchased it.
2.The piece is part of a set and replacing the entire set is prohibitive.
3.The style or size is difficult to find. Perhaps it’s vintage, custom or a designer piece.
4.You have a sentimental attachment to the piece.
5.You have a specific idea in mind for a piece of furniture and you can’t find it on the shelves.
urniture restoration

What we do

Our experts have seen it all. We work on a variety of furnishings such as dining room seats, chaise lounges, recliners, sofas, loveseats, banquettes, ottomans, club chairs, sofa beds, outdoor furniture, parson chairs, antiques, cushions, wingback chairs, custom pieces and headboards. We also reassemble and remove broken parts; rebuild, re-glue and reinforce tie springs; re-web and re-glue frame upholster; remove and replace old fabric; and add additional padding and springs.

Endless options

A Cut Above Upholstery can assist and lend our expert advice to you when you select your fabrics. We have an immense range of colors, patterns and fiber content performance for you to choose from. You can customize even more by adding or altering details. Our experienced artisans are committed to delivering fine products that are a perfect addition to your decor and aesthetics.
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